The Little Film That Could

    A year ago I worked on what felt at the time like a charming little film. Good script, delightful people. I was going into it a little stressed and exhausted, since there had been a fire in our apartment literally the night before our first rehearsal. No one was hurt, animals were safe, so I felt fortunate but still had to deal with massive destruction and clean up. And I showed up on the set smelling like a smokehouse, literally! We prepped a lot and worked long days, and I celebrated every minute, enjoying the shoot even more as I got to escape, for a while, all the stuff to be dealt with in the wake of a fire.

    Well that film, UPSIDE DOWN, has gone on to great reception at masses of festivals, and the topic — dealing with a transgender woman — has become the hot topic of the hour! I’ve lost track of how many festivals it’s been accepted to, but the latest good news is that UPSIDE DOWN has won the audience choice award at the Springfield LGBT film festival. And if you want to see the film, it’ll be screening tomorrow night in Brooklyn at the Northside Film Festival, tickets here.