So … Happy Holidays?

    To state the obvious, it’s been a difficult year. I hope that for you the struggles were few and light. If you did struggle, I hope that you were surrounded by support, love, and comfort. If you struggled alone, I hope you discovered new reserves of strength, wisdom, and hope in the depths of your being. And for all of us I hope for a new year with more ease, more connection, more prosperity, more joy, more fulfillment, and more LAUGHTER.

    Happy Holidays to You!!!


    VOTE 2020

      Vote LOUD! If you don’t use your voice, some out-of-touch pearl clutching older lady with a voice remarkably similar to mine will speak for you.

      #vote #vote2020 #election2020

      Summer Reading

        Visit or re-visit summer camp in Iris Krasnow’s heartfelt and inspiring memoir.

        Healthcare Is a Human Right

          Sometimes you get to work on a project that feels like it’s contributing to something bigger and better than the status quo. Rosemarie Day has written an informed, inspiring rally cry to all of us to own our power and change the broken state of healthcare in the U.S. today, and I get to narrate it. Coming in March 2020:

          The Unspeakable Mind now on Audible

            This insightful, sensitive, and beautifully written book was a privilege to narrate. Dr. Shaili Jain offers so much compassion and so much useful, up to the minute information, The Unspeakable Mind can be a comfort and a guide to everyone affected by PTSD, whether you’re dealing with it yourself or living with it through a loved one.

            I am so grateful to Deyan Audio and HarperAudio for letting me narrate this one!