About Last Night …

    Work in development is always exciting. Coming slowly out of the pandamic to work in person at The Actors Studio on a lyrical, powerful play with this powerhouse crew? My soul is full!!! Thank you to The Actors Studio, Katherine Cortez, Abigail Zealey Bess, Katherine Leask, Cate Curtin, Jaqueline Knapp, Katherine Wallach, Ana Maria Jomolca, and Christopher Cortez.

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      Narrating Margaret Atwood

        I am so thrilled to be the narrator for the Scribd original Two Scorched Men by Margaret Atwood!

        To quote from Scribd:

        “Margaret Atwood needs little introduction. If you don’t know her from her fifty-plus books and many awards and bestsellers, including her MaddAddam Trilogy, Alias Grace, and especially The Handmaid’s Tale, you’ll know her from that visionary and canonical novel’s adaptation into the Emmy-winning Hulu television series. At eighty-one, Atwood is more current and influential than ever, and with more than two million followers on Twitter, she’s achieved a kind of cool generally reserved for rock stars. (Bob Dylan’s got nothing on her.)

        In her Scribd Original story Two Scorched Men, Atwood takes a personal turn and returns to characters and places drawn from her own life. Her unnamed narrator pays tribute in fictional form to two men Atwood knew during the years she and her partner, Graeme Gibson, spent in Provence: John, a hotheaded Irishman who served in the Royal Navy during World War II and barely survived the deadly battles in the South Pacific; and François, a wry and affable Frenchman, who was once an operative in the French Resistance and led a life shaped by tragedy. As Atwood writes here, both men knew ‘I would someday relate their lives for them. Why did they want this? Why does anyone? We resist the notion that we’ll become mere handfuls of dust, so we wish to become words instead. Breath in the mouths of others.'”

        Pop on over to Scribd and check it out!

        It’s the Day of the Show, Y’All!

          Thrilled to be part of a reading at The Actors Studio tonight! “Tar Heeled Girls” is a remarkable new work by Katherine Cortez tracking the tumultuous friendship of five women from college through late life. I’ll be playing the fiery Buddhist Sophie and sharing the virtual stage with four incredible women and one remarkable gent.

          So … Happy Holidays?

            To state the obvious, it’s been a difficult year. I hope that for you the struggles were few and light. If you did struggle, I hope that you were surrounded by support, love, and comfort. If you struggled alone, I hope you discovered new reserves of strength, wisdom, and hope in the depths of your being. And for all of us I hope for a new year with more ease, more connection, more prosperity, more joy, more fulfillment, and more LAUGHTER.

            Happy Holidays to You!!!


            VOTE 2020

              Vote LOUD! If you don’t use your voice, some out-of-touch pearl clutching older lady with a voice remarkably similar to mine will speak for you.

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              Summer Reading

                Visit or re-visit summer camp in Iris Krasnow’s heartfelt and inspiring memoir.