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    • Ice Queen (fiction, m-f dialogue)
    • Weathering (fiction, British dialect)
    • Money, A Love Story (nonfiction, finance, self-help)
    • Cruel and Usual (nonfiction, politics, social sciences)
    • The Understudy (psychological thriller, suspense, drama)
    • Forest Dark (literary fiction)
    • We Won an Earphones Award!

      Yippee!!! Congratulations @ericabauermeisterauthor and fellow narrators @stephengraybill @gabracadabranyc @georgenewbern @cassandracampbell @heyitsmaxmeyers @barriebarriepix @racheljnarrates @wright_braden @jvilinsky And thank you to @audiofilemagazine @macmillan.audio @stmartinspress and, especially, @allydemeter

    • No Two Persons …

      Ever read the same book twice.

      That is the premise of this exquisite new novel by Erica Bauermeister. A collection of stories that create a whole greater than the parts — and those parts are truly great to begin with! — this glorious work celebrates the power of writing and books and stories from all angles. It is moving, inspiring, surprising, and healing. And I got to join a stellar cast of narrators for the audiobook. Click the links for the print and audiobook.

    • A Pause Before the New Year

      This graceful rainbow appeared on December 23rd, during a flood tide over the great marsh at Sandy Neck Beach, Cape Cod. It feels so hopeful to me. Not like sparkly unicorns, but something even richer and more magical because it holds the dark, the rain, the storms, as well as lights and colors. I’m thinking a lot lately about these words from Michael Meade: “In the ancient understanding the world inevitably becomes worn down in the course of a year. Life becomes diminished by mistakes and misdeeds, the web of life becomes worn and torn and the world needs to be renewed. The purpose of New Year’s rites and celebrations was not a simple turning of a calendar page, but a symbolic return to the beginning of time in order to restore life to its original potentials.”

      How wonderful to stop time for a moment to remind ourselves where we come from and refresh ourselves for where we’re going. I hope you find some time this New Year’s to renew yourself, to reconnect, to”restore life to is original potentials.” Happy 2023!!!

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      With me as rabbi’s wife Mindy Cermak. Join us in episode 8 for sukkot!