Happy Anniversary!

This week marks one year since I started narrating audiobooks at DuArt, and I am so happy and grateful to be part of that fabulous community!! I’ve narrated fiction and non-fiction, YA and romance, thrillers and mysteries. I most recently completed Our Lady of the Ice, my 22nd book with them, Cassandra Rose Clark’s delicious scifi novel with a compellingly human storyline.


The turning of the year is an obvious time for reflection, and this year, more than usual, my reflection turned to how grateful I am for the many, many people in my life who helped me in my work throughout 2015. Are we all so lifted up by others, so supported, sustained, and nurtured? I sincerely hope so, because as I’m being reminded, we can’t do much on our own. But together? We are limitless.


The comedy short Seek, written by and starring the wickedly funny Cara Loften and with a totally fun role for me — as an amorous, new age love counselor — screened last night at the Big Apple Film Festival. In lieu of a link to the film, which is still making festival rounds, here’s the very cool BAFF trailer:


Looking forward to diving into this bombshell of a book on Monday! I’ll be at Duart narrating Dietland for the Library of Congress’ National Library Service. It’s been great getting familiar with Sarai Walker’s first novel, a delicious surprise of a book that challenges everything we take for granted about beauty, health, and women’s place in society. Just like the cover image, it’s a cupcake hand grenade!